We believe the student experience is improved through engagement, training, and mentoring. The student experience should not be limited to the classroom. Through FARR-net, we’re proud to provide opportunities like cross-listed courses, service on graduate committees across departments and campuses, research assistantships, and outreach training and opportunities.

Students will have the opportunity to work with faculty in a range of topics, including:

  • Raising a healthy and loving family
  • Developing fulfilling relationships and meaning across the lifespan
  • Overcoming problems related to intolerance, intergroup relations, and aggression

Research Assistant Opportunities (For Students within UM System)

A unique opportunity for undergraduate students is assisting with faculty research. Through this, students will gain experience in their field of interest.

Generally, research opportunities will be volunteer, for credit, or paid, depending on the department. Students interested in research opportunities will need to contact the specific faculty member they would like to work with. Alternatively, they may contact the undergraduate advisors in their department, who will then connect them with faculty.

NSF-REU summer program (For Students Outside of the UM System)

We are awaiting funding for a 9-week interdisciplinary, immersive summer research experience for undergraduate students. Once we have received funding for the “Close Relationships Across the Lifespan” REU Site, more information will appear here.

Graduate students are welcome to join our monthly meetings and workshops to learn more about our members. This is a good opportunity to find potential external committee members to graduate committees, research assistantship opportunities, and courses that may be offered in departments outside of their own that may broaden and deepen their understanding of their fields.

Current Postdoctoral Scholars within the UM System are welcome to join our monthly meetings and workshops to learn more about our members and find interdisciplinary research collaboration opportunities. Our long-term goal is to obtain funding to support post-doctoral scholars through FARR-net.